Comoros Cup 2011

Comoros Cup: Steal Nouvel qualified for the semi-finals

Chirazienne lost on Friday at the stadium of Hombo to Steal Nouvel by 1 goal to 0. The Domonians will not play the triangular semifinals planned next week. It is Steal Nouvel who joins Ngao and Gombessa.

The League in General Assembly

Moreover, Anjouanese football is boiling. While we are still waiting for the continuation of the championship (probably early July) and the end of the Comoros Cup (the semi-finals and finals), we just learned that the mandate of the League came to an end. The General Assembly of the League of Anjouan is called Sunday, June 12. And will be elected at the Assembly, the delegates who will participate in the election of members of the Comorian Federation of Football. The atmosphere is cumbersome, multiple issues and debates are likely to be stormy.

Comoros Cup: NGAO gave a lesson to AST

ASTwill not play the semi-finals

The shock AST / Ngao has not kept its promises. After an epic match, the Tsembéhouans lost 4-2, facing Domonians that had nothing to lose. Last in the ranking of Phase I of Anjouan Championship, FC Ngao has done many miracles. FC Ngao has crashed the giants of Anjouanese football. After devouring the defending champion, Comorozine, by 2 goals to 0 in the round of 8, now he has to humiliate AST defending champion in the quarter finals.

It is AST that won the trophy of the Comoros Cup in the Island last year and played in the Cup of the Comoros in Moheli last January. Its race to the title has been stopped very early by a team within his reach and deserves a reflection on the health of the club.

FC Ngao is the first team qualified for the semi-finals. This Thursday Gombessa has hardly pulled his ticket at the hands of Miracle after penalty shootout (5-4). Who of Steal or Chirazienne, will play the triangular semi-final? The answer on Friday evening.

Football Championship: Certified Results

Football Championship (Anjouan 1st Division) – Phase I: Talesa crowned champion

The Certification Commission has just released the results of matches in the Championship 1st Division of Anjouan. It is a great upheaval that occurred at the top. Topping the list is Talesa of Bandrani who is crowned champion, winning the first place to Comorozine of Domoni. The Domonians have forfeited the match on May 4 against Talesa. Comorozine has certainly won the match by 2 goals to 0. But the fight between supporters of both teams, which occurred in the middle of the match, resulted in injuries. The Certification Commission considers that Comorozine, host team, who has the responsibility for providing security has failed in its mission.

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When Djakaz gets angry!

To show their anger against the decision of the League to relegate their team Djakaz (2nd division) to the 3rd division, the players went on the night of Monday to Tuesday to cut both sides of the goals of Oumoini stadium. Two of them are now in the hands of the gendarmerie. The Domonian club that played this season in D2 had made ​​several requests. Believing they are not taken into account by officials of the island football league, players have reacted violently, trying to take justice in their own way.


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