BAC in Tsembéhou: Disappointing results

Eightcandidates admitted from the first group and forty undergoing the tests of the second group. This is the result of Baccalauréat 2011 session in Tsembéhou. "Bahati School" a private school founded 3 years ago has won the bet with six candidates admitted from the first group, the tickets to go to study in universities and thirty candidates in the second group. Tsembéhou public high school, faced this year in two long strikes by teachers, collected the crumbs. Among the lucky admitted there are Amerzakane Nadhur, Haji Ibrahim Halidi, Halidi Caambi, Zouhair Karim, Ibrahim Halidi Salek, ...

Tsembéhouinfo extends its warmest congratulations to new graduates and their families, makes the wishes of good luck and courage to those who pass the tests of the second group.

Results of Baccalauréat 2011


The results of the written tests of 2011, Baccalauréat session in Ndzuwani are proclaimed on August 16. They are overwhelming. Only 168 candidates out of more than 4,200 enrolled are admitted to the first group and 707 students (16 percent) are allowed to move the second group. In Mwali, of 718 candidates, 103 are declared permanently admitted and 186 are allowed to undergo the oral examination in the second group. In Grande Comore, of 6619 registered 519 (7.92%) are admitted from the first round. there are 1146 candidates who pass the second round.


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