Tsembehou is mourning

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Created on Sunday, 22 May 2011 18:23
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Written by Tsembehou Info

A fire in a Banga leaves 5 dead in Kaweni (Mayotte)

Of the 5 deaths, 4 are from Tsembehou. The fifth is from Chandra. They are all boys. Some of them were pursuing their education in secondary school. It was about 4 am when their Banga caught fire. When the flames were contained, they discovered with horror the irreparable. Five charred victims. The news was greeted with much emotion. It shocked everyone starting by the population of Tsembehou. Kaweni is one of the localities inhabited by a strong tsembehouan community in Mayotte.

Investigations continue to uncover the source of this sinister. Because, according to some accounts, the Banga was illuminated nor in electricity, nor candle, nor oil lamp.