National television reaches Tsembéhou

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The Regional Director of ORTC, Mr. Chamousdine Nasuh has handed, on Sunday 15 May, to the Director of Radio TV Tumpa a satellite dish, receiver and sender. All, once assembled and installed, will allow the population of Tsembéhou, Dindri and Chandra to receive in their homes, the broadcasts of Comoran TV (ORTC). Mr. Abdou Ahmed, Director of the station Tumpa, receiving this brand new equipment, thanked through Mr. Nasuh ORTC on his name and on behalf of the TV viewers.

This equipment will be installed in the building that houses the station Tumpa. The latter will broadcast daily programs of the national channel during its opening hours (14H00 to midnight).

Since the broadcast of ORTC on satellite, the tsembehouan station had directed one of its satellite dishes on Astra 4 to receive ORTC and relay some of its programs. Tumpa synchronized with ORTC to broadcast daily news and some programs deemed interesting.

Even before the advent of ORTC on satellite, Tumpa brought from Moroni CDs that were recorded the weekly news review of the National station. These programs were well followed by viewers. So we can say that the choice of Tumpa for the retransmission of ORTC in the region is not a coincidence.

An anecdote: When recently ORTC had distributed such materials to Moya, Mrémani and Koni Ngani, while omitting Tsembéhou, Tumpa officials have strongly reacted by writing to the Director of ORTC disapproving the distribution and require recognition of efforts and services they render to the national station and the public.

In truth, Tsembéhou was programmed in the sharing of the material, but at the last minute some ill-intentioned spirits had proposed to install such equipment on the “col de Patsy” where a tower and an FM transmitter for ORTC are located. In the opinion of specialists on the “col de Patsy”, a medium or high power  transmitter should be installed to cover  the whole region, but a low range Sender at this place was seen by experts as a drop of water in the sea. Nobody will benefit.

Motivated by the desire to serve, the managers of the tsembehouan station have not requested compensations when this service will result in additional costs including the cost of electricity and maintenance ...
Photo: Radio-TV Tumpa location
As a reminder, Radio Tumpa was born April 13, 1991. After six years of operation, installed in rented houses, the team behind it had come to buy land and build a building that houses the station since 1997. It is in fact on April 13, 1997, at the 6th anniversary, that was born Tumpa Television. The Radio and Television have animated Tsembéhou in its evolution but recently stopped its radio programs. Occasionally, it is operated by synchronizing with international radio news. As for the TV, apart from its regular programs, foreign channels occupy much of the day.

Beyond the ups and downs, Radio-TV Tumpa has played and continues to play a leading role in the political, organizational and cultural life of Tsembéhou. Its leaders must redouble their efforts and initiatives so that the media continues to fulfill the legend that is its mission: to inform, educate and entertain.

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