The French Minister Claude Gueant apologized

"There is a Comorian immigration which is the cause of much violence. I cannot quantify it." This phrase of Claude Gueant, French Minister of the Interior, delivered at the Grand Jury RTL / Le Figaro / LCI, Sunday, September 11, shocked many.

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The countries of the Franc Zone in Paris

The Vice President of the Ministry in charge of Finance, Economy, Budget, Investment, Foreign Trade and privatization, Mr. Mohamed Ali Soilih, participates Monday in Paris at the meeting of finance ministers and governors central banks of the Franc Zone (BCEAO, BCEAC).

A total of 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Comoros are present for this biannual event. The last meeting took place in Chad in April dernier. All suggests that participants will reaffirm their engagement in order to integrate the experiences and African concerns in the work of the G20, whose summit is scheduled for November 3 and 4 in Cannes.

Mariama Houmadi Mayor Mirontsy

The event is extremely rare. When it comes, it deserves to be spoken. A woman was appointed mayor of a town in the Comoros. Mrs. Mariama Houmadi Daoud, recently, became mayor of the Municipality of Mirontsy.

In the recent history of Municipalities of Anjouan, Ms. Mariama is the third woman appointed to the position. The first to hold the office of chief magistrate of the city was Mrs. Saadat Bacar. She was appointed mayor of Tsembéhou in June 2004 before passing the torch to Foundi Azihar Abdou. The second, Mrs. Kalathoune Mahamoud, was elected in May 2010, Mayor of the Municipality of Ouani before being appointed on 30 May, Delegated Minister in charge of Transport and Tourism in the government of Dr Ikililou Dhoinine. Can we expect that future municipalities, planned before the end of the year in Anjouan, will see women promoted to the position of high responsibility?

In other islands, other women have held this position:
 Ms. Moina√©cha Said Issilame, Mayor of Bandamadji ya Itsandra (Ngazidja).
Ms. ALI Ramlat, Mayor of Pamandzi (Mayotte)
Madame Roukia Lahadji, Mayor of Chirongui (Mayotte)
Madame Sarah Mouhoussoune, general counsel of Dembeni, Mayotte.


An Earthquake of Magnitude 5 strikes in the Comoros

The earth shook in the Comoros, Friday, September 9 at around 4:26pm. This earthquake of magnitude 5, according to the USGS site that also located the epicenter off the island of Mayotte, 36 kilometers from Mamoudzou, was strongly felt in Mayotte, Anjouan and Moheli . The tremors were not felt on Grande Comore. It was located at a depth of about 13 km according to the USGS. According to the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research of Mayotte the shaking lasted only a second or two. No significant damage is to be deplored.

Fight against corruption: the commission is sworn in

Members of the National Commission for Prevention and Fight against Corruption were sworn in this Tuesday, September 6 at the Court of Appeal in Moroni in the presence of His Eminence the Grand Mufti, members of the Government, the Constitutional Court, the President's Office, members of the Diplomatic Corps, all the judges and several personalities.

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