Mariama Houmadi Mayor Mirontsy

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Created on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:49
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Written by Tsembehou Info

The event is extremely rare. When it comes, it deserves to be spoken. A woman was appointed mayor of a town in the Comoros. Mrs. Mariama Houmadi Daoud, recently, became mayor of the Municipality of Mirontsy.

In the recent history of Municipalities of Anjouan, Ms. Mariama is the third woman appointed to the position. The first to hold the office of chief magistrate of the city was Mrs. Saadat Bacar. She was appointed mayor of Tsembéhou in June 2004 before passing the torch to Foundi Azihar Abdou. The second, Mrs. Kalathoune Mahamoud, was elected in May 2010, Mayor of the Municipality of Ouani before being appointed on 30 May, Delegated Minister in charge of Transport and Tourism in the government of Dr Ikililou Dhoinine. Can we expect that future municipalities, planned before the end of the year in Anjouan, will see women promoted to the position of high responsibility?

In other islands, other women have held this position:
 Ms. Moina√©cha Said Issilame, Mayor of Bandamadji ya Itsandra (Ngazidja).
Ms. ALI Ramlat, Mayor of Pamandzi (Mayotte)
Madame Roukia Lahadji, Mayor of Chirongui (Mayotte)
Madame Sarah Mouhoussoune, general counsel of Dembeni, Mayotte.