Le Mawlidoun-Nabi celebré avec faste à Tsembehou

Comme tous les ans, les Comores ont célèbré l'anniversaire du prophète Muhammad (SAW). Dans la nuit du lundi 14 Janvier 2014, cette date grégorienne correspondant à celle du 11 au 12 du calendrier islamique a été célébrée avec faste et sincérité.

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Invitation à la grande fête du Mawoulid

La Naissance du Proph√®te MouHammad    

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Mohamed Bacar at EDA

Mohamed Bacar, previously Sales Director of the EDA (Electricité d’Anjouan) has been appointed General Manager of the company. The appointment is therefore capping two decades of hard work in this institution. A trajectory effectively marked with the ups and downs. Bacar knows very well that company. He had to manage it in the past.

This time, he inherited a company broken down, with a bloated staff and crumbling under the weight of debt. The power cuts are common if not daily. This means that the task facing the new boss is not easy. But with his expertise and competence, he will certainly address this society and provide the population with electricity continuously.

A bargain however. With funding from the government of President Sambi most of the island is now connected to the grid.

Tsembéhouinfo presents its warmest congratulations and wishes of good success.


Best Wishes for EID El-Fitr

Good, Happy and Peaceful EID EL-FITR to all Muslims. May Allah keep you safe; grant you his salvation and benediction. KUL AM WA ANTUM BIKHAIR… EID MUBARAK!


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